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Visit Australia's magnificent Murray River the birth place of the Australian Paddle Steamer

Mannum on the Murray River, one hour from Adelaide in South Australia.



Welcome to our Guests from far away places.
If you seek to experience the True Australian way of life, a visit to the Murray River is essential. Our Murray River is one of Australia's greatest natural treasures. She is literally a mother of all things as she is the only source of fresh water that sustains life and industry for the the whole of south eastern Australia. It is here that you will Experience the Essence of Australian hospitality that is not tainted by the trappings of mass Tourism. Let us assure you that:
  • You will feel welcome
  • You will savour a slice of life unique to our Murray River
  • You will feel very much at home
  • You will leave with memories that last a lifetime.

Did you know?

After the Amazon and Nile,
the Murray River in Australia is the world's third longest navigable river.

Dawn on the Murray

Why should we visit Mannum?

"Sometimes we got to get lost to find ourselves, Sometimes we got to go walkabout"

Quote from: Tourism Australia 'come walkabout' by Baz Lurhmann.

Sometimes we just need to get away from it all. For thousands of years Aboriginal people have gone 'walkabout' to reconnect with the land and their traditional way of life. For most of us, 'walkabout' takes the form of a holiday - a time to re balance and refresh. It lets us find ourselves when the pressures of daily life have made us lose touch. It doesn't matter whether we go to the city, bush or beach, or drive, fly, walk, sail or catch a train. Going 'walkabout' lets us nourish the inner magic that makes our life rich. read on

Quote from Tourism Australia "Come Walkabout'


Things to do in Mannum?

  • Visit our interactive Mannum Dock Museum, a fascinating collage of river life from the early days of settlement till now.
  • Visit the Woolshed Gallery where you will find a wonderful exhibition of great Australian Art & Prints
  • Long walks along the river, picnic under shady trees, bird watching, catch a fish
  • Have Lunch overlooking the river from our Mannum Club or the newly renovated Pretoria Hotel
  • Have a drink at out historic Hotel Mannum at was 1/2 underwater during the 1956 flood
  • Exhilarate in water skiing .
  • Take time out to enjoy a trip on Australia's largest inland waterway ships The Murray Princess or the Murray Expedition
  • If you rather go on a smaller boat for a short trip, we have Jester Cruises or Odyssey River Cruise both of which provide a very personal service.
  • Schedule your visit to take a ride on a genuine fully restored Paddle Steamer PS MARION she is the last of her kind still in service in the world.
  • Drive along the Longest Stretch of Road adjacent to the Murray River in Australia. East Front Rd meanders for around 40 kilometres along the river, farms. shacks, marinas. The Younghusband General Store is fully licensed is located at the 1/2 way mark. Here you can do lunch in a leisurely manner right on the waterfront before continuing on you scenic journey .
  • Maybe a round of Golf at our local Mannum course is more to your liking.
  • Optionally, do nothing at all - Just sit back and recuperate while you watch the river roll by.

About the Township of Mannum

Collecting Memories for Life

As you know, people travel the world to indulge in famous rail rides. The Orient Express, the Trans Siberian rail, Rocky Mountaineer and the Australian Ghan, to name the best. Ships of the inland waterways are not nearly as well as known. Yet, their charm and serenity brings a whole new meaning to romantic travel. The PS (Paddle Steamer) Marion is the last operational, heritage, steam driven, wood fired, overnight passenger carrying side paddle steamer in the world. Read on . ...

Maion on deckDeck view traveling on board the romantic PS Marion

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PS Marion Steam engine - Built in 1900 by Marshall & Sons Gainsborough, England is still in use today.

To see more: Murray River Paddle Steamers

When you come to the Murray River, even if it's only for a short time, try and catch a ride on one of our grand old ladies of the river, the smooth quite hush, hush of steam driven paddles is a memory to behold.



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