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Five STAR Accreditation - what it means to you?

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Beware of accommodation establishments claiming to be '5 Star Equivalent' or '5 Star Self Rated'

FIVE STAR Accreditation for Riverview Rise Retreats confirmed by AAA Tourism on 17/8/2010

Unless the establishment is Accredited by AAA Tourism the claim to a star rating is meaningless and in fact detrimental to your interests and industry standards. Some even claim to be 6 Star, however this rating does not exist in Australia.

To gain a genuine 5 STAR Rating is a very expensive, difficult and demanding task accepted by the establishment owner. Inspections are conducted by AAA Tourism every 12 to18 months. Each inspection is as stringent as the first with no allowance for age or style.

What the STARS mean:

As a basic guide, STARS three to five generally mean the following:

5 STAR Rating Outstanding establishments characterised by luxury appointments offering an exceptional standard of facilities, furnishings and guest services
4 STAR Very well appointed accommodation reflecting stylish d├ęcor throughout and a high standard of facilities, furnishings and guest services
3 STAR Well appointed and comfortable accommodation with a good range of facilities and furnishings

Benefits of STAR Rating:

The Australian STAR Rating Scheme has been the traveller's guide to selecting the right accommodation for over 50 years. It's the only official certification scheme in Australia offering consistent ratings for approximately 10,000 accommodation properties nationwide.

Research shows that over 80% of travellers in Australia use STAR Ratings when selecting accommodation. The Scheme is honest, transparent and consistent, giving travellers confidence when choosing a place to stay no matter where in Australia they may find themselves.


For over 50 years Australian travellers have trusted STAR Ratings for their consistency and reliability. Accommodation properties are assessed against a strict checklist that is 100% adhered to.


STAR Rating Assessors undertake a comprehensive training program to ensure Standards are applied correctly. They are randomly audited to ensure consistency of their work.


STAR Rating Assessors have only one loyalty and that is to you, the traveller. STAR Ratings are certified impartially and with absolute adherence to the Standards so you can rest assured every STAR is fully deserved.


STAR Rating Assessors check accommodation properties against clear Standards which cover facilities, cleanliness, appearance and condition. Ten Categories ensure we compare apples with apples; therefore a Hotel is assessed against a different set of Standards to other accommodation types such as Motels and Houseboats, as guest expectations will differ.


The STAR Rating Standards are readily available for anyone to view offering total transparency to the Scheme and the way it is implemented. AAA Tourism requires each property to display its STAR Rating as well as the Category for that Rating giving travellers a clear understanding of what to expect.

How STARS are Assessed:

In the words of AAA Tourism

" Our Assessors are highly trained professionals who take their jobs and their commitment to the travelling public incredibly seriously. These dedicated men and women continuously travel the length and breadth of Australia assessing approximately 10,000 STAR Rated properties. That way you know that the STAR Rating is as up to date as possible.

The assessment itself is based on over 300 Standards that cover Facilities & Services, Cleanliness, Quality & Condition. The points awarded by the Assessor will determine a property's STAR Rating, however each property must also meet specific Minimum Requirements based on key expectations, like for instance a 24-hour reception at a 5 STAR Hotel.

Our Assessors' work is audited regularly and their results checked for accuracy and consistency. Their only loyalty is to you, the travelling public"

For more information please visit AAA Tourism

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