Top 10 most romantic places in the world for couples

Romance is in the air and the world is filled with stunning destinations for the perfect romantic holiday getaway whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, or just because! Where will you go next for a lovers retreat? We’ve ranked the top 10 most romantic places in the world out of 5 to help you choose.

Let’s start, shall we? <3

1. Bali

What to do in Bali: Book at least one night in the Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel and ask for the Panoramic Deluxe Pool Villa. The view will leave you speechless.
Why is it romantic: You only need to see a few photos from the place to see what we mean. You’ll have the feeling that you and your partner are the only two people left in the world. Bali is easily accessible to other beautiful islands or countries in Asia too! 
How romantic is it: 5/5
When to go to Bali: This could be the perfect romantic holiday for a unique marriage proposal. Will you say “I do” to a holiday in Bali?
How to say “I love you” in Balinese: Titiyang tresna sareng ragane.

2. Easter Island

What to do on Easter Island: Watch the sunset behind the Moai at Hanga Roa (the human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people).
Why is it romantic: Sunsets are always romantic. Just think about how incredible they would be from the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Tick off an item on your travel bucket lists together.
How romantic is it: 2/5
When to go to Easter Island: This is the perfect romantic holiday for couples who feel like discovering the world together.
How to say “I love you” in Rapa Nui: Hanga rahi au kia koe.

3. Ushuaia, Argentina

What to do in Ushuaia: Go to the end of the world, literally, with your loved one. Visit the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and gain amazing perspective.
Why is it romantic: Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, at the tip of ArgentinaThe perfect holiday destination for couples who love the outdoors and exploring. Ushuaia offers plenty of activities to do together and endless beautiful scenery.
How romantic is it: 5/5
When to go to Ushuaia: When you’re ready to walk with your loved one until the end of the world.
How to say “I love you” in Spanish: Te amo.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

What to do in Bangkok: Explore temples, cruise through Bangkok in a tuk-tuk, take in the present local culture at the street markets, and experience the stunning view of the many skyscrapers that adorn this destination.
Why is it romantic: The exotic city that never sleeps and never ceases to fascinate will keep you busy trying local flavours at the street markets and fantastic restaurants. At the end of the day, you and your loved one can have a relaxing Thai massage, to get you ready for a romantic cruise on the Chao Phraya river.
How romantic is it: 4/5
When to go to Bangkok: When you want a mix of big city nightlife with plenty of culture.
How to say “I love you” in Thai: Phom Rak Khun (to a girl); Chan Rak Khun (to a boy).

5. New York City

What to do in New York: Start off with a stroll in Central Park. What could be more romantic than that? Fall in love all over again on a carriage ride or boating on the lake. Hang around and see if you can witness one of the many marriage proposals that take place at these iconic New York locations.
Why is it romantic: New York is the city that never sleeps, there’s always something to eat, see or do as a couple. Home to the classic ‘dinner and a movie’ date, why not mix it up by visiting one of these hidden bars!
How romantic is it: 3/5
When to go to New York: One of the best times of the year is Autumn. The city begins to change colors and the falling leaves decorate the streets.
How to say “I love you” in American: I love you!

6. Paris, France

What to do in Paris: Take a walk and feel the pulse of the city. Indulge your sweet tooth at one of the many patisseries dotted around the cobbled streets, then take a trip to the temple of love and share a kiss! Legend has it that couples who kiss at the temple will experience a stronger love and relationship.

Why is it romantic: It’s Paris, the city of love!
How romantic is it: 5/5
When to go to Paris: This enchanting city is perfect for visiting year-round.
How to say “I love you” in French: Je t’aime.

7. Las Vegas

What to do in Las Vegas: Witness the beauty of the Bellagio Fountains, enjoy the nightlife and snuggle close as you play roulette in the bustling casinos.
Why is it romantic: Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for spontaneous romantic holiday gestures. Heck, you can even get married right away!
How romantic is it: 1/5
When to go to Las Vegas: Whenever you feel “luck” is on your side.
How to say “I love you” in Vegas: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…

8. Kilimanjaro

What to do in Kilimanjaro: Climb up Mount Kilimanjaro and be in awe of the surrounding nature, in particular the striking scenes of elephant herds on a snow white backdrop.

Why is it romantic: You’ll climb the highest peak in Africa. Who better to share this achievement with than the one you love?
How romantic is it: 2/5
When to go to Kilimanjaro: When adventure is in the air!
How to say “I love you” in Swahili: Nakupenda.

9. Venice, Italy

What to do in Venice: Walk over the more than 350 bridges in the city and admire the reflection of the elegant buildings in the water of the canals. Enjoy the opulence of Saint Peter’s Basilica or head to the colorful island of Burano. If there is any time left, why not follow in the footsteps of Casanova and explore the sites of his amorous adventures?
Why is it romantic: A floating city of gondolas and canals is the epitome of a romantic holiday! In fact, it is almost as if this city were suspended between dream and reality. The timeless beauty of this city is bound to seduce you and your partner.
How romantic is it: 3/5
When to go to Venice: Whenever you want to declare eternal love.
How to say “I love you” in Italian: Ti amo.

10. Honolulu, Hawaii

What to do in Honolulu: Share a smooch on one of the benches of the Foster Botanical Gardens, then join a beach party and relax.
Why is it romantic: Beautiful sunsets, unspoilt beaches that stretch on into the horizon, tropical waters; Honolulu is a beautiful destination for a relaxing romantic getaway.
How romantic is it: 3/5
When to go to Honolulu: It’s a sweet spot for a honeymoon.
How to say “I love you” in Hawaiian: Aloha Au Ia’oe.

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